Mission Statement

I believe serenity is important. To have calm, even just for a few moments in time – the amount of moments say, that a pedicure takes, or a massage.

Just a little bit of serenity, time to relax, time for self.

All it takes is some time here or there.

Make it short if you are busy, but make it happen.

Make it regular-because self-care should be.

Look after your soul.

On a regular basis.

It’s that simple.

At Simply SPA we want our guests to experience that calm, that relaxation; here. Your treatments are not just skin deep. We want to provide a soothing atmosphere where we can help you take care of your soul. Come in, let us bring you a beverage. Have a conversation or just let the massage take over.

Trust that we will do our best to provide to you a relaxing experience. We will always recommend products and services that we feel would benefit you individually, but most importantly, we want you to take the opportunity to practice selfcare at home or to come back and enjoy your experience here regularly.

When you leave, we hope you leave feeling relaxed and cared for and we hope you look forward to returning. Be a part of our family.

Simply SPA

Vanessa, Spa Manager/Esthetician

Hi! I'm Vanessa and I became an esthetician because I struggled with acne growing up and became interested in how to treat it. My favourite products are the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Biolumin C. They are my favourite because my teenage acne caused scarring, and both these products had help lighten and decrease the scars and pigmentation. I love to chat with guests who are struggling with their acne and show them there is a way to get through these skin issues!

I started going to school for psychiatric nursing and something about it didn't feel right and decided to change career paths. As I learned more about the esthetics industry, I was excited to be in it! I love seeing the guests leave relaxed and happy, and most importantly, feeling beautiful!

My hobbies are getting outside as much as I can, either hiking local mountains or walking my dog. I'm not married, and have no kids... but I do have 2 pet rabbits I love so much! One is named George Clooney and he was featured on one of my tattoos!

Chandra, Senior Esthetician

My name is Chandra and I have been an esthetician and lash technician for 2 years. I went to school locally and am very excited to have the opportunity to work in my community.

My two favourite services are massage and pedicures. I am a perfectionist with polish and love making sure guests can put their best foot forward, and look great doing it.

I became a esthetician to help people relax and feel good about themselves. Being able to make people see their true beauty is the greatest gift I can give to them!

My hobbies are being a movie and TV show enthusiast, and I love gardening, luckily, I was also blessed with a green thumb!

Diana, Senior Esthetician

I am Diana, and I am an esthetician with more than 10 years experience and I graduated from Blanche McDonald Centre in Vancouver back in 2007.

I love giving all of the services at the spa, but my passion lies within the art of massage!

The most enjoyable part of my work is meeting and connecting with new people, building relationships with my guests and the satisfaction of having my guests walk out the door feeling completely relaxed.

I am also a mother to two amazing children. In my spare time, I love spending time with my kids, family and close friends.

Cara, Esthetician

Hi! My name is Cara, and I went to Esthetics School locally. I have lived, worked and gone to school in Langley – it’s my home!

I work 4 days a week at Simply Spa and love giving massage and facial treatments. They are almost as relaxing to give as receive!

It’s very fulfilling to know that you have helped someone relax.

Sherry, Esthetician

I'm Sherry, I have been a skincare therapist for 19 years. Since graduating from Blanch MacDonald in 2000, I have worked with various skin care lines and have maintained 14 years with Dermalogica and in 2013, I received my Dermalogica Expert status.

I pride myself in offering facial treatments that keep up with current trends and techniques. I have a passion for the skincare industry and especially value building trust with each guest.

My goal is to provide spa services with lasting results so I can continue making my guests feel and look their best.