How to Spa

At Simply SPA, all of our staff are certified Estheticians who have studied anatomy and skin/body care at a professional level - we use professional products only.

To ensure your safety and optimum results, we are always undergoing upgrades to our training and pride ourselves on maintaining health and safety regulations.

Above all, we wish to provide a soothing environment in which our guests can relax, rejuvenate and improve the health of the body, skin, and soul.


Please arrive 10m prior to your appointment. We will be pleased to offer you water or tea so that you can begin to relax prior to your treatment start, as well as fill out any necessary forms. We want you to enjoy every moment and not feel rushed!

Special Needs

Please inform us at the time of booking if you are pregnant, have any limitations or medical conditions so that we may make any accommodations needed prior to your arrival.

Cell Phones

To maintain a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere we ask that all personal devices be turned off upon your arrival.


To ensure the relaxation of all our guests, we ask that children who are not old enough to spa remain at home.

Late Arrival

In order to accommodate the next guest, regardless of what time you arrive, your appointment will end on schedule.

Booking Appointments

While walk-in appointments are available, it is best to book in advance when possible. If booking service(s) totalling 2hrs or more, a credit card number is required to hold the appointment time. No charges will be applied until your appointment, at which time you may pay by any method you prefer.


As a courtesy to our technicians and other guests, we ask for 24hrs notice of cancellation for appointments. Any services, including packages & doubles treatments that total 2hrs or more of treatment time require 48hrs notice of cancellation – failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee.

Gift Cards

We all love Gift Cards to the Spa! Your Simply Spa Gift Card is non-refundable and will not expire, however price changes and product changes mean that after 12 months, any Gift card for a specific service or package will be redeemed at its dollar value instead. We are happy to look up Simply Spa Gift Cards to find the purchase date for you.


If you are enjoying a pedicure, please bring flip flops unless you are having a gel polish application.

Gel Polish Removal

Please let us know when booking if you require gel polish removal and/or application to ensure proper booking time and set up.

Facial or Body Treatment

If you are having a facial or body treatment, please be aware that some medical conditions, medications or skin care products may affect the skin’s ability to tolerate certain products, please list these so that our staff can make sure you receive appropriate treatment.


If you are having a facial, please let your skin care technician know if you are wearing contacts or have lash extensions to ensure safety and the longevity of those gorgeous lashes!

Wax Treatment

If you are having a wax treatment, please be aware that optimum results with minimum discomfort are obtained when hair is between ΒΌ - 1” long.

Lash Services

Please be aware, for safety reasons, if you are receiving any lash services, you must arrive without contact lenses or the service cannot be performed.

After Care

Please follow all aftercare instructions provided by your technician. These guidelines are given to ensure maximum comfort and results.