SPA MANICURE (55m) warm towel, nail shaping & cuticle clean up including hand & arm exfoliation. Relaxing massage and hand paraffin followed by a polish application $50

MANICURE (40m) warm towel, nail shaping & cuticle clean up followed by a relaxing massage and polish application $40

SIMPLE MANICURE (25m) warm towel, nail shaping, lotion and polish application $30

Additional Options

Add Gel Polish (15m) $15
Remove Gel Polish (10m) $15
Remove & Add Gel Polish (30m) $25
Add Paraffin (15m) $10
Add French Polish (15m) $5


SPA PEDICURE (70m) foot soak, nail shaping & cuticle clean up. Callus removal, foot & leg exfoliation and massage. Paraffin mask followed by a polish application to finish $75

PEDICURE (55m) foot soak, nail shaping & cuticle clean up. Callus removal, foot & leg exfoliation and massage. Polish application to finish $65

SIMPLE PEDICURE (40m) foot soak, nail shaping & cuticle clean up followed by callus buffing, lotion and polish application $40

SIMPLE NAIL TRIM (20m) foot soak, nail trim & bevel, lotion application $15

Additional Options

Add Gel Polish (15m) $15
Remove Gel Polish (10m) $15
Remove & Add Gel Polish (30m) $25
Add Paraffin (15m) $10
Add French Polish (15m) $5

Relaxation Massage

Relax and rejuvenate with soothing aromatherapy relaxation massage.
All of our technicians are certified to give relaxing massages.
This massage offers light to moderate pressure suitable for most guests.

85m Full Body Relaxation Massage $105
55m Full Body Relaxation Massage $85
40m Back, Neck & Shoulder Relaxation Massage $60
85m Doubles Full Body Relaxation Massage $200
55m Doubles Full Body Relaxation Massage $160

* Doubles means 2 people, same room

Body Treatments

DETOXIFYING BODY WRAP (50m) Invigorating full body exfoliation, detoxifying Gel Mud Mask, followed by Cellulite Contour Cream. Flush out toxins and feel renewed. $80

HIMALAYAN SALT GLOW (35m) Luxuriate in an invigorating exfoliation with Himalayan Salts. Once the full body exfoliation is complete, salts are buffed off and a soothing, hydrating Lotion is applied, leaving the body smooth, soft and hydrated. $45

Waxing & Tinting

It doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Our professional estheticians will keep you cozy and make your next waxing appointment as comfortable as possible.
Soothing soy wax formula minimizes skin irritation and the calming post-wax lotion will keep your skin hydrated and smooth to prevent ingrown hairs.

Ask us for aftercare products to take home to minimize post-wax irritation.


LIP $10

CHIN $10










CHEST $40+

BACK $45+





At Simply Spa, we believe in the simple pleasures life has to offer.

We also know how expensive simple pleasures can be, so we’ve built these budget friendly packages so you can have your cake and eat it too!

SIMPLY THE BEST: $175 - 3 hrs of pampering begins with the 55 m Full Body Massage, followed by a Classic Facial, and your relaxation is complete with a Pedicure!

SIMPLE ESCAPE: $165 - a Himalayan Pink Salt Glow flows into the Full Body Wrap treatment, complete your Escape with a soothing 55m Full Body Massage for a total of 2.5 hours

INDULGENT PACKAGE: $125 - 2 hrs of bliss includes our 55m Full Body Massage and a nourishing Classic Facial

SPORTS COMBO: $115 - relax after your work out or anytime! 55m Full Body Massage with a Pedicure for those hard-working feet

MANI/PEDI COMBO: $90 - so simple! Our Manicure and Pedicure together


All Simply Spa Facials are customized to each guest's skin type and skin care concerns. We use Dermalogica Professional skin care products, and modalities specific to your skin care concerns, in every treatment. Find out more in our Products section of our site.

CLASSIC FACIAL $85 (55m) European style Facial, includes relaxing facial massage.

SIMPLE FACIAL $50 (40m) Basic European Facial for on-the-go guest. Includes the fundamentals of cleansing, exfoliating, deep pore cleansing and mask.

PRO POWER PEEL FACIAL $110 (55m) Not for sensitive skin. This facial is concentrated, customizable and has dramatic results. Great for acne, aging and pigmented skin – resurfaces with no downtime.

SIGNATURE FACIAL $100 (70m) the CLASSIC FACIAL with the BONUS of a 10 min BACK MASSAGE plus a detoxifying BACK MASK.

BACK FACIAL $50 (40m) similar procedure as the SIMPLE FACIAL applied to the back, designed to specifically address congested conditions on the back.

MICRO-NEEDLING FACIAL $175 (85m) Not for sensitive skin. Treat acne scars, fine lines, loose skin and skin texture with this amazing medi-spa treatment. The micro channels caused by micro-needles cause your body to produce more collagen and elastin, healing and improving your skin. Down-time of 3-5 days to be expected.

NANO-NEEDLING $110 (55m) Nano-needling is great for those who want more than a facial but aren’t ready - or their skin is too sensitive - for micro-needling. This less-invasive treatment provides immediate results with little or no down-time. Treat fine lines and improve skin tone and texture.

MICRO-CURRENT FACIAL $120 (55m) Non-invasive medi spa treatment. Micro current technology uses a low level electrical current to stimulate facial muscles and tissues. Immediately tones, firms and plumps skin with no down-time.

Please note these treatment results are best when received in a series. (MINIMUM 3 RECOMMENDED)
Ask about our series-purchase pricing and treatment frequency.

Additional Options

Ask your skin therapist about targeting a specific concern or boosting the effectiveness and overall results of your treatment with a concentrated mask, serum or add-on:

Retinol/Glycolic Serum
Contour Lifting Mask
Eye Fit
Neck Fit

*add on serums/treatments $10

Teeth Whitening

Flash those pearly whites with this all-natural 25 min treatment.


This technician led, self administered treatment will brighten teeth by 2-6 shades

Lash Extensions

Our lash experts are licensed estheticians with specialized lash extension certificates who complete an In-House Apprenticeship prior to becoming a Simply Spa Lash Technician.

Before getting lash extensions, please know that some allergies prohibit lash extensions. You must remove contact lenses and mascara before lash application, and clean your lashes well the night before your service. Take a look at our new aftercare section of our website for more information on how to care for lash extensions!

FILL $60

FILL $70

FILL $80

* Less than 50% lashes remaining is considered a full set.